What is PaperShell’s customer journey?

We need a CAD or picture of the product/ product in mind and the number of units needed. Based on your goals and requirements we send you a quote. For more info visit: https://papershell.se/customer-journey

How large volumes can you produce?

That depends on the geometry of the part. We can press several parts at the same time. Production capacity is already available and increasing fast as we scale. However, demand is high that’s why production capacity booking is important. Mass production of >1 000 000 components/year will be available in the coming years.


It of course depends on the component and the volume. A rule of thumb is a 2 mm thick component in PaperShell has the same weight and strength as a press molded component of 1 mm aluminium. In comparison, a PaperShell component will have >90% less environmental impact, >10% lower in price and a tooling… Continue reading Pricing

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