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What fire rating does PaperShell have?

PaperShell has an inherited natural fire protection. Initial fire tests show that we have the same fire classification as wood. We are aiming for fire rating classification B and further fire rating tests are carried out during Q1 2024 and will be presented here thereafter.

How do the panels stand up to the weather?

The panels are UV resistant, rain and moisture resistant and initial tests show that there will be very little growth.

How does the appearance of the material change over time?

Indoor it stays the same. Outdoor, without any surface treatment, it turns silver grey like wood in 3-6 months, but without the performance loss found in wood.

How thick/think can the material get?

Our normal span is 1,5 to 5 mm thick but we can produce parts that are 0,5 mm and all the way up to 20 mm.

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