In what way is the material circular?

In several ways. Input materials are 100% bio based. All or most parts are waste streams. It is long lasting, traceable and material efficient. It stores atmospheric (biogenic) carbon. Production waste is fed back into the loop. End-of-Life it can be recycled as wood or bio upcycled. Ask us because here we are really nerdy… Continue reading In what way is the material circular?

In what way is the material sustainable?

It’s totally biobased and contains 0,00% fossil based carbon. The production process is highly energy and resource efficient and automated. End of life it can be returned to nature and bio upcycled.

What happens to the material at end-of-life?

At recycling stations globally it is sorted as wood and goes into this fraction for recycling or incineration. If incinerated it realises the atmospheric carbon. However, we have collaborations in place to support creating closed loops enabling PaperShell to be returned back to nature and creating carbon neutral and regenerative circular bio solutions.

Is the material traceable?

Yes, both upstream and if you want downstream as well and we have the possibility to trace each component helping you to have circular business models such as PaaS, Take-back and the like.

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